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Music by Thinking in Pictures:  

Christina Hansen, Roger Greenawalt, Nion McEvoy

Video by Danielle Nelson Mourning & Christina Hansen

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The Concept:

‘The Shattering’ is about re-representations of self and space over time through emotional transitions and cycles.  An emotional arc is played out, articulated loosely to each verse, but defined progressively by Christina: 

Blissful Ignorance (CERTAINTY), Informed Anguish (DOUBT), The Shattering (DEPAIR), Sacrifice (ACKNOWLEDGMENT), Rebirth (HOPE), Conviction (CONFIDENCE), and Empowerment (CLARITY)


The Structure:

‘The Shattering’ is a cyclical song built upon rotated patterns.  The lyrics follow a fixed verse form, called a sestina (introduced to Christina and Roger by Nion), to which the words that end each line of the first stanza – ‘rhymes,’ ‘guns,’ ‘slow,’ ‘shattering,’ ‘strong,’ and ‘believable’ – are used as line endings in each of the following stanzas, rotated again for each following stanza.  The pattern is a procedure known as ‘retrogradatio cruciata,’ or ‘backward crossing.’  The cycles not only cross, they also represent a circulation in which inner terms become outer, the center becomes the periphery, the periphery the center.  A sestina’s rhyme-words move in opposed, intersecting circular movements.


The Imagery:

‘The Shattering’ is represented visually by folds and mirrors of place and space to create symmetry and symbolism around two axis.  The film is made up of a series of polyptychs, images with many folds, to create quadtychs bound together in continual motion.  This visual approach was serendipitously introduced to Christina by fine art video artist, long time friend and collaborator (Danielle). Its effect reinforces the structure of the music and lyrics. Symmetry and replication convey feelings of wonder and purpose. Multiplicity exaggerates intensity of light, depth of dark, and time lapse of varying movements, solidifying the meaning of forms. There is something at once deceiving and clarifying to each picture.  


The Composition and Lyrics:

'The Shattering' arrangement and rhythm, produced by Roger, is a repeated pattern with a consistent tempo throughout.  A drum machine, bass, vocals, and electric pings are incorporated. The cycles reinforce the sestina structural concept with pockets of instrumental relief.  Stylistically, there are references to old world tonalities and new world beats. Christina's vocals are slightly shrill and sometimes whispery, both cerebral and emotional. Christina and Roger's lyrics suggest cautionary advice as well as assurance, simply by mixing the arrangements of words in the sestina form, which transforms meaning.   


The Context:

Self-recognition within and without family history.  The location is a property from Christina's familial roots in the San Francisco Bay Area with architecture and landscape designed by her maternal aunt (Angela). The tapestry of materials and textures pay homage to many intimate familial stories which have taken place. The lace dress and lace tablecloth have intimate personal meaning and provide symbolism within the context. The environment is local, native northern California.  Strong Architectural elements (glass, steel, stone) appear and disappear within softer native and strategically designed (trees, rocks, etc.) elements throughout. We are grateful to have had availability to this consequential place for filming. 


The Story:

The story is made personal by intention of place and suggestion of change through new perspectives of habit and evolving perceptions of life.  Old personal beliefs and impressions, objects and cloaks are shattered by play and light, fragmented elements are turned into holistic, energizing environments.  There is an intelligence of heart that resonates, and an independence of spirit that shines, while honor and homage to history and time is clear.  The story is serious; lyrics of ‘guns,’ ‘shattering,’ ‘believable,’ ‘strong,’ ‘slow,’ ‘rhymes’ cycle throughout.  The emotional currents and dynamic shifts, of cycling tensions and resolutions, have purpose to discover clarity and reveal personal illuminations.


We must examine our firm molds of olden truths in order to evolve and grow. Presumptuous patterns can be broken, perspective shifts can be made, truths for personal tenderness uncloaked, and ingredients for cultural care can be revealed. Internal light may then be luminous and external life and connection extraordinary.






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Christina Hansen, Roger Greenawalt, Nion McEvoy


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